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Campbell House

Campbell House was built in 1822 for Upper Canada Chief Justice Sir William Campbell. It was originally located at Frederick and Adelaide, in York’s (now Toronto) east end. The home was constructed for Campbell and […]

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Victoria College

Founded in 1836 by Adolphus Egerton Ryerson, Victoria College is one of the finest examples of historic architecture at the University of Toronto. Ryerson was a Methodist minister, politician, and an education advocate in the days southern Ontario was […]

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Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Opening on June 11th, 1929, the Royal York Hotel, with 28 floors, was the tallest building in Toronto and the British Empire at the time. One year later, the hotel lost this distinction to the 34 […]

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St. James Cathedral

St. James Cathedral is Toronto’s longest running Anglican congression in the city. With construction beginning in 1850, opening for services on June 19, 1853, was one of the largest buildings in the Toronto at this time. The […]

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St. Lawrence Hall

Situated at the corner of King & Jarvis, St. Lawrence Hall was completed in 1850 and opened to the public as the main meeting place – primarily for political events. Keep in mind that Canada […]

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Patrician Grill – Toronto’s Best Diner For Comfort Food

The first time I visited the Patrician Grill would have been around 17 years ago, when I was working on King Street East. The proprietor at the time was Louie Papas. After chatting with him […]

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Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel

Built in 1889, the Gladstone Hotel is the longest continuously operating hotel in Toronto. Situated in the Parkdale district, at Queen and Gladstone, it was named after the street in which it resides. The location was […]

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Gooderham Mansion

With construction being completed in 1892, the mansion was home to George Gooderham, President of the Gooderham & Worts Distillery. At the time, the distillery was one of the largest in the world, while Toronto was […]

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TTC Streetcar Derails On King Street

Late this morning, one of the new TTC Bombardier segmented streetcars derailed on King Street at Bathurst causing traffic mayhem for thousands. The debacle occurred when an old streetcar broke down and the new Bombardier […]

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Top 5 Buildings in Toronto

Toronto’s skyline has undergone many changes over the decades, many of which were in the name of “progress”. Unfortunately, this so called “progress” saw the demolition of many historic buildings which we will never get […]

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