Queen Street West

Queenwest & Dovercourt

Queen Street West is the most eclectic and hip streets in Toronto. Whenever tourists ask me where to go in Toronto, I suggest Queen Street West. It has many interesting shops and restaurants that have an artistic flair.

Queen Street West is one of the areas in Toronto that has maintained most of its buildings. While there has been development, it still has the “old Toronto look. Some old bars remain along the strip including The Cameron House, The Rex and The Horseshoe Tavern. Some old haunts like The Hideout have gone due to the ever escalating cost of rent in Toronto.

Queen Street West runs west of Yonge to Roncesvalles and the best mode of transportation is Toronto’s famous streetcars. The streetcars also add a unique flavour to Queen Street West.

The following pictures depict Queen Street West in Toronto.

Queen Street West

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