CNE Midway
CNE Midway

The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) has been operating since 1879. It started out as an agricultural fair and over the years, it added other attractions such as amusement rides, technology exhibitions and entertainment venues. The CNE operates annually from August 14th until Labour Day. Over the years, attendance has diminished – probably due to competition from Canada’s Wonderland and other attractions.

Some of the changes include the replacement of the Grandstand with BMO Field. While BMO Field is much more modern, it lacks the ambiance of the old Grandstand. The Grandstand also had many more events such as concerts and other entertainment. There were daily big acts playing the Grandstand and was home to the Toronto Argonauts Football club and later the Toronto Blue Jays. It was lovingly known as “the mistake by the lake” and was torn down in 1999.

The “Midway” is still popular. The Midway still offers amusement rides, but some have either been discontinued or replaced. There was “The Flyer” which was an old wooden roller coaster ride that was not salvaged and the “Alpine Way” which was replaced by a much more simpler sky ride.

The usual fast food is still available at the CNE with such favourites as cotton candy, candy apples and ice cream waffle sandwiches. The Food Building still operates and those Tiny Tim Donuts are still available. While the Food Building still offers an array of foods, the prices have sky-rocketed due to operational costs for the vendors.

The Canadian International Air Show still takes place and is a major attraction. The air show hosts a number of different aerial acts including Canada’s own Snowbirds which is the highlight of the show.

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