University of Toronto’s Buildings

University of Toronto's building
Victoria College at U of T

Some of Toronto’s most beautiful buildings reside on the grounds of University of Toronto (U of T). The University of Toronto’s buildings date back to the earlier 1800’s. On March 15, 1827, King George IV proclaimed the beginning of Toronto’s first college to teach youth the principles of the Christian religion – as well as Science and Literature. The grounds lie next to Queen’s Park and only a few miles away from Toronto’s Financial District.

U of T’s buildings are built in Romanesque and Gothic Revival styling. I have written about some of U of T’s buildings such as Victoria College and Trinity College. If you are a photographer, the grounds of University of Toronto are a must see. For an entire list of U of T’s buildings, you can visit this page:

Some of North America’s largest library collections are found at U of T. The University has the third largest collection of books just after Harvard and Yale. There are over 12 million books as well as digital books and journals. U of T is known to be Canada’s number one university and is currently ranked and number 24 in the world.

Unlike other areas of Toronto, architecture has been maintained and the look and feel of the grounds has hardly changed in many decades. Some of the buildings have the feeling of being in a church and some actually have churches in them such as Trinity College. To this day, the University of Toronto offers degrees in religious studies and Theology.

Apart from academics, U of T has been known for sports and athletics. Some of Canada’s oldest sports franchises originated at the university. One of the more storied teams id the U of T Varsity Blues

Below are some photos of the grounds

University of Toronto

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