Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands consist of 15 islands which are a short ferry ride away from the south shore of downtown Toronto. Ferries, operated by the city of Toronto, run on a regular basis throughout the year but during tourist season, lineups can get very long. An alternative is to take a water taxi which costs a few extra bucks but alleviates the wait.

Some of the more prominent Toronto Islands are named Centre Island, Muggs Island, Donut Island, Forestry Island, Olympic Island, South Island, Snake Island and Algonquin Island. Centre Island is the most popular of the chain having an amusement park and eateries.

The Toronto Islands were formed over thousands of years by the erosion of the Scarborough Bluffs. Up until the mid 1850’s, it was actually a peninsula but two strong storms ripped through it creating what is known as the “Eastern Gap”.

While the islands are known for recreational purposes, there are still a number of residents that live there year round primarily on Wards and Algonquin islands. There are about 600 residents that live on the island and it is known to be the largest car free community in North America.

I have fond memories of the islands, having gone there a number of times as a child. I still try to visit on an annual basis during the warmer months. You can rent bicycles to get around or simply walk. It is a great way to spend the day, during the summer months with family or friends.

For more information about the Toronto Islands, you can visit the official website here: . For information about ferry service to the islands, please visit .

Below are some picture I have taken from the islands over the years. The islands are a great place to visit if you visit Toronto!

Toronto Islands

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