DuWest Toronto

DuWest (Dundas West)

DuWest Toronto is one of Toronto’s hidden secrets. Perhaps better known as Dundas West or Little Portugal, it is an area that has the character of an “old best friend”. DuWest Toronto’s “heart” is at Dundas & Brock. The area was originally known as the Town of Brockton before it was overtaken by the sprawling encroachment of the City of Toronto in 1884. Brockton was founded in 1812 by James Brock, a cousin of Sir Isaac Brock.

While DuWest Toronto is a residential community, there are a number of family run businesses including wonderful restaurants, bakeries, art shops and other commercial establishments. Most of the store owners remain private – family owned businesses that offer a wide range of products and services. Recently, there has been some higher density housing developments but they have been limited to height and size.

One of the best Portuguese/Brazilian bakeries in all of Toronto is padaria e Padaria e Pastelaria Brasil Toronto (also known as Brazil Bakery & Pastry). Apart from making wonderful breads and pastries, they make some of the best sandwiches in Toronto. Along with your edibles, you can sit down and enjoy the wonderful coffees they make.

While it’s not situated in the downtown core, streetcars run on a regular basis making commutes relatively fast 24 hours a day. DuWest Toronto is a safer neighbourhood and its tree-lined Victorian homes make it a great place to raise a family. This area has been a “working class area” but homes have always been well-maintained with lovely gardens and manicured lawns.

If you’re looking to explore a unique neighbourhood in Toronto, make your ways to DuWest and enjoy an area that hasn’t changed in decades. Please also refer to my blog post of this area here and check out some photos I have taken below.

Dundas West (DuWest)

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