Canadian International Airshow is Cancelled

Mayor John Tory has cancelled another traditional event in the name of compliance to the cancel culture. The Canadian International Airshow is cancelled but instead, it will be virtual. Tory was blathering on about relooking at both the Canadian International Airshow and CNE. Clueless Toronto City Council is looking how it can be “changed” to meet today’s standards. All they are looking at doing is changing our history.

Why cancel an airshow? The troglodytes of Toronto City Council led by Head Troglodyte, John Tory, have been shutting down Lakeshore Boulevard for weeks, on weekends, to accommodate cyclists. But no! We can’t have any more fun regardless how safe an event can be. Why couldn’t one of these wingnuts put 2 and 2 together and said “Hey! Lakeshore Boulevard will be closed! Why not put the airshow on and allow people to stay 20 feet apart from each other and have some fun!”

The COVID-19 “pandemic” has opened the door for these socialists at Toronto City Council to make changes to what they deem appropriate. As mentioned, Tory has already said that they have to “relook” at what is to become of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Due to the loss in revenues this year, Tory has eluded to putting the final nail in the coffin of the CNE. Meanwhile, Tory did absolutely NOTHING to save taxpayer dollars when thousands of city employees were sent home, with FULL pay, to do absolutely NOTHING during the COVID-19 shutdown! Hey John Tory? Don’t you think we could have saved some dollars by laying off these employees as the private sector was forced to do? All Tory could say is “The Canadian International Airshow is Cancelled”.

Snowbird Jet #5 at Canadian International Airshow

And what do you think these changes will encompass? Based on the collective incompetence of Toronto City Council, they will change it into “affordable housing” and “safe injection sites”. They will turn this historic grounds, enjoyed by millions, over the decades, into a dump!

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