Financial District

Skyscrapers in Toronto

The Toronto Financial District is known for its skyscrapers and numerous head offices. It is home to various banks, law firms, investment companies and consulting firms. Toronto’s Financial District runs along Yonge Street to University Avenue and from Queen Street down to Front Street.

While some of the original buildings still exist, unfortunately many have been demolished for redevelopment. Some of the facades of these demolished buildings can be found at the Guild Inn in Scarborough.

One of the most beautiful buildings that still exists is Commerce Court North. It used to be the tallest skyscraper in Toronto and has beautiful gold leaf ceilings in the interior. I wrote an article about Commerce Court North here:

Getting to and from the Financial District is best by public transit. Subway lines and streetcars are the primary mode of transportation unless there is a problem on one of the lines (this is a regular occurrence). If you don’t like public transit and have to take a car, be prepared to pay a premium for parking.

The Financial District is also home to many restaurants and hotels. Some of these establishments are rated the best in the city. While these establishments are rated the best, they are the most expensive in the city (due to real estate costs). On a bright note, if you cannot afford the $100 per plate meal, there are a number of hot dog vendors and other food trucks.

Considerable development continues in this area making traffic congestion unbearable with clogged arteries and construction crews. It also has the most construction cranes in North America.

For more information on this “downtown jungle”, please visit the official website here: Below are some photos I have taken, over the years, depicting Toronto’s downtown:

Financial District

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