Old Town Toronto

Toronto Flatiron Building

Old Town Toronto is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city. Also known as St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, it still maintains some of the architecture from years past. Some of the most popular building in Old Town Toronto include the St. Lawrence Market, St. Lawrence Hall and the Gooderham Flatiron Building. I wrote an article about the Gooderham Flatiron Building here; https://torontopics.me/2015/11/26/toronto-flatiron-building/ The Gooderham Flatiron Building predates New York’s famous flatiron building by a number of years. Some day a New York businessman was inspired by Toronto’s flatiron when he was visiting to make a large purchase of spirits and other alcoholic beverages !

It’s one of Toronto’s more historic areas dating back to the late 1700’s when Toronto was known as the Town of York. If you’re visiting Toronto, you must visit the St. Lawrence Market. In 2012, National Geographic named the St. Lawrence Market the number one market in the world. The market has a wide range of foods that are imported and from local farmers. if you’re not in the mood to make your own meal, there are some fantastic take-out shops serving anything from homemade pastas, seafood, giant sandwiches and the list goes on.

St. Lawrence Hall is one of the more prominent and elegant historic buildings in the area. It was built in 1850 which precedes Canada’s confederation of 1867. It was originally built as a town hall and government building. Today it is primarily used for events. Here is an article I wrote about St. Lawrence Hall https://torontopics.me/2016/08/26/st-lawrence-hall/

For more information on Old Town Toronto, please visit the official website which can be found here: https://oldtowntoronto.ca/. Below are some photographs I have taken of the district.

Old Town Toronto

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