The Beaches

The Beaches “Goof” Restaurant

The Beaches in Toronto is a neighbourhood located in the east end of Toronto close to the shores of Lake Ontario. Also known as “The Beach”, it was once home to amusement parks in the early 1900’s. During the early 20th century, many Torontonians flocked here to enjoy the parks and to swim in the warm summer months.

The Beaches is still a popular destination for Torontonians and tourists for entertainment such as the Beaches Jazz Festival. The festival takes place every July and hosts local and international artists. Streets are closed down and parking is scarce so public transit is the best option.

It is primarily a residential area and has a number of interesting shops, pubs and restaurants; many of which are still family run. In recent years, some of these shops have unfortunately fallen due to the high costs of rent and taxes levied by the municipal government. Much of the Beaches consist of cottage like homes but controversial development, in recent years, has brought higher density housing that is changing the quaint atmosphere.

Living in the area is like living in a small town within a big city. Streets are lined with trees and interesting Victorian and Edwardian homes. One does not have to venture very far to shop or for entertainment. About the only “industrial” complex is the R.C Harris Water Treatment Plant in the extreme east end of the neighbourhood. While water plant is industrial in nature, it is a beautiful example of art deco architecture.

For more information about The Beaches, please visit the City’s website at Below are some photos I have taken of the area over the years.


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