Instagram Hides Number of “Likes”

Instagram “No Likes” WTF?

Give me a break Instagram! So now you’re going to hide the number of likes a post has? What’s the logic behind that? Since Facebook acquired Instagram, they’ve made a number of annoying tweaks which are supposedly considered “improvements”.


Instagram Feed

When Facebook acquired Instagram, their first “improvement” was to mess with the feed – just as they do with the Facebook feed. They decide what you see based on what they think you should see. I find this very annoying! One ends up losing track of their photographer friends and they end up thinking you’re ignoring them!

Instagram Videos

Another annoying feature that was added was video. Instagram was intended to be a still photo sharing app – not video sharing. It’s very annoying especially when the user posts a video with some crappy pop music background noise which makes you want to jam pencils in your ears!

Instagram Advertising

Okay! I understand you have to place adverts on Instagram. Facebook paid around a billion dollars for it so they have to make their money back. But I find it interesting who is advertising on their. I can see why consumer packaged goods companies are advertising but when I see our city government placing ads on their, I wonder how they have budget for that but not for filling in pot holes!

No More Like Count on Instagram

Okay, I understand this hiding the number of likes on Instagram may just be a test for certain regions but who had the brainstorm to come up with such an idea? How are companies going to be able to measure what people positively respond to or not? Oh well, such is life! In the meantime, please follow my Instagram profile Toronto_Tonto here:


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