Polar Vortex Hits Toronto

Toronto Skyline

Much of North America, including Toronto, experienced a Polar Vortex this week which brought frigid temperatures and a foot or two of snow. Torontonians quickly had to hone their subpar winter driving skills as they recklessly scurried around Toronto streets like vermin on quaaludes! And please! If you are retired, you do not have to go grocery shopping in the middle of rush hour and do 20 in a 60 zone while driving in the fast lane!

Shuter Street

Polar Vortex Hits Toronto
Shuter Street, Toronto – photo by Bruce Christie 2019

And talking about subpar, snow removal from streets and sidewalks was half-assed to say the least! Yet the effervescent Mayor, John Tory, commended union workers who chanted “Jobs For Life”! Mind you, they did a good job on Shuter Street. Tory exclaimed, “We can’t have the Hookers slip sliding all over the place”! I say, let them use the bike lanes! Those are the first to get cleared anyway!

Scarborough Bluffs View of Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario
Scarborough Bluffs – photo by Bruce Christie

Well the polar vortex subsided for now. Temperatures in Toronto exceeded the freezing point and the thaw begins (for now). Toronto drivers were more relaxed but still refused to use their signal lights when changing lanes or turning. Some even refused to turn their headlights on after sundown.

Wexford Boulevard in winter
Wexford Boulevard, Scarborough – photo by Bruce Christie

Polar Vortex Ends

Well the weather outlook for Toronto will be mild this week. The forecast is mild and cloudy. Time to get the car washed and go outside for a walk. It will also be a good time to get the BBQ fired up and to have a patio party.

But please make sure that you keep and extra pair of mittens and long johns handy as you will never know when the next polar vortex will grip Toronto once again!

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