CNE 2018

CNE – Let’s Go To The Ex!

CNE at Night

CNE at Night (photo by Bruce Christie)

The 2018 version of the Canadian National Exhibition is on again but the crowds seem to be dwindling. I attended this year, with a friend that was visiting Toronto for the first time. While it’s not the Ex I remember it to be, we still had a good time. It was the second day it was open and the place was half empty.

The Food Building

CNE Food Building

CNE Food Building (photo by Bruce Christie)

We did the Food Building tour and found that it was quite expensive. Some of the places were charging the same price you would pay in a half decent restaurant and there was no seating or service included with that. The place we went to only accepted cash and the (Thai) food wasn’t that exceptional. I suggest you just buy the roasted corn and turkey legs available on the midway – with the waffle ice cream sandwich for desert.

The CNE Midway

CNE Midway

CNE Midway (photo by Bruce Christie)

The midway is not what it once was. many of the rides and buildings are gone. The Bulova and/or Shell Tower is long gone as well. That’s where you’d go to meet if you got split up or lost. Long gone too is the Flyer which was the CNE’s roller coaster. The usual smells are still there from the junk food they still sell.

The Polar Express

CNE Polar Express

CNE Polar Express (photo by Bruce Christie)

Not all the rides are gone though. The Polar Express is still there! Do you wanna go faster?

CNE Lantern Festival

CNE Lantern

Lantern Festival (photo by Bruce Christie 2018)

Something definitely to check out is the Lantern Festival at the Enercare Building. It’s the world’s largest indoor lantern exhibit with larger than life characters. The line-up can be long but it moves fast.


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