Toronto Parks in Winter – A Winter Wonderland

Toronto Parks
Bridge at Edwards Gardens in Winter (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Winters in Toronto have been quite mild the last few seasons which has been kind to wildlife, may they be birds, foxes, coyotes, or even people. While some detest the season, Toronto parks in winter are beautiful places to get away from the city – while being in the city.

Toronto Parks
Female Cardinal at Wilket Creek Park (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Birds That Inhabit Toronto Parks In Winter

There are a variety of birds that one can find in Toronto Parks – anything from Northern Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Hawks and other species. Many are fed by humans who make daily trips and set-up feeders with seeds and nuts. Some birds will even fly on your hand to pick up a treat and warm their feet.

Toronto Parks
Chickadee In Hand (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Feeding birds is discouraged but I do anyway. The only ones that seem to jump on my hands are the Chickadees and Brown Breasted Nut Hatches. The Cardinals get close but never are as tame.

Toronto Parks
Nuthatch In Hand (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

I get a warm feeling when these little birds fly on my hand. The Nuthatches seem to be the most tame and have flown on my shoulder a few times. I am quite used to that as I have a parrot at home (perhaps they know that).

Toronto Parks in Winter
Blue Jay (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Toronto’s Greenbelts

Toronto has many miles of greenbelts and is one of the greenest cities in the world. One does not have to travel for hours, to the country, to enjoy some peace and quiet. Why stay at home and argue with strangers on Social Media?

Toronto Parks
Male Cardinal Snatching a Peanut (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Make sure you visit a park in Toronto and don’t forget to bring some seeds and peanuts for the birds!

Toronto Paks in winter
Chickadee In Flight (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)
Toronto parks
Starling (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

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