Dangerous Dans Diner Closes At Queen And Broadview

Toronto Diner Dangerous Dans Closes
Dangerous Dans Diner Faithful Say Goodbye (photo by Bruce Christie 2017)

Another Toronto family business is forced to close due to high operating costs such as rent, hydro costs and taxes on prepared foods which make it less affordable for customers. Dangerous Dans, famous for his comfort food closed their doors yesterday for the last time.

It’s seems to be a monthly trend where a Toronto family business (no I’m not talking about the Weston family) closes due to working 3 weeks of the month just to break even.

While Dangerous Dans was not as well renowned as the Hard Rock Cafe, Waverley Hotel or the Brunswick House, it was a fixture at Queen and Broadview who hungered for a burger or breakfast.

Operating Costs Not Affordable For Dangerous Dans

Small businesses simply cannot afford working 3 weeks of the month just to pay the government and landlords. Why can’t a hard working entrepreneur make a half decent wage, employ people and feed people these days? It’s due to the powers at be who allow real estate prices soar uncontrollably, taxing us on the food we eat and completely mismanaging things like the hydro file and city planning.

The Ontario Government recently came out with the grand notion of increasing minimum wage and extending vacation pay. They want to impose this on businesses – not having a clue what negative effects it will have on small business. And why should they? None of them have a worry about job security or gold plated pension plans. The only thing it will do is force employers to reduce staff.

Another One Bites The Dust

Goodbye Dangerous Dans. You had a good run and made a tasty burger. I am sure the north east corner of Queen and Broadview will eventually become a Starbucks or Subway Sub joint! :(


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  1. Had many a burger there and will miss it! It’s unfortunate that these small businesses are struggling!

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