Americans Considering Moving To Canada After Trump Victory

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Shortly after the election results, a few weeks ago, some of my American friends have been asking me about immigrating to Canada and asking questions about what Toronto is like. First off, I have to say that I am very proud of the city I grew up in (I grew up in Toronto, by the way). Perhaps it was its grittiness in the 1970’s and 80’s when governments did not encroach upon our freedoms as much. But this article is not about politics, it’s about some insights of Toronto.

Toronto Botanical Gardens
Toronto Botanical Gardens In Autumn (photo by bruce Christie 2016)

It’s currently Autumn, in Toronto, with leaves changing shades of red and orange. Toronto has extensive greenbelts which makes one feel they are in the countryside, yet they are only a few miles away from the downtown core.

Derailed Bombardier Streetcar
Derailed Bombardier Streetcar (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

One of the biggest problems has faced for years, is inadequate public transit. Municipal and provincial officials spent billions on Bombardier streetcars that have faced numerous delays and setbacks. Transit basically sucks in Toronto.

Distillery District At Christmas
Distillery District At Christmas (photo by Bruce Christie 2015)

Toronto offers many attractions to those considering immigrating to Canada. While winters can be a bit harsh,  Torontonians have venues to enjoy such as the Distillery District’s Christmas Market.

Nathan Phillips Square
Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto (photo by Bruce Christie 2015)

Many Americans don’t realize that Toronto is well below the 45th parallel and the southern most tip of Ontario (Pelee Island) is geographically as far south as northern California.

Gooderham Flatiron Building
Gooderham Flatiron Building (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto has some nice architecture and the city seems to always have new skyscrapers going up. Many of the old buildings have been demolished but luckily some of them have been maintained. This is the Gooderham Flatiron Building which inspired New York’s famous flatiron.

Coquine Bar
Coquine Bar (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto has many fine dining establishments and entertainment venues. Whether you like theatre, sports or just exploring, Toronto has much to offer.


Spring At Osgoode Hall
Spring At Osgoode Hall (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Springtime in Toronto is lovely. Many are relieved and welcome Spring, after a cold winter.

Toronto Boat House
Toronto Boathouse (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto is situated on the north west end of Lake Ontario and has beaches suitable for swimming, boating and other aquatic activities.

Trinity College
Trinity College (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto offers world class universities.

Fairmont Royal York Hotel Lobby
Fairmont Royal York Hotel Lobby (photo by Bruce Christie 2015)

If you are looking to visit, before immigrating to Canada, Toronto offers many wonderful hotels.

Queen And Broadview - Riverside District
Queen And Broadview – Riverside District (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto is made up of numerous small towns and villages which have their own character.

Parkdale District - Queen Street West
Parkdale District – Queen Street West (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Parkdale, in the west end of Toronto, has many shops and eateries.

Beaches - Queen Street East
Beaches – Queen Street East (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood has maintained much of its former glory.

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

If you decide to move to Toronto, make sure you do some research before you pack your bags. Some things to consider are the cost of housing and electricity bills which are some of the highest in North America. If you make the move, I’m sure you will be happy.





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  1. I’ve often thought about moving to Toronto when I was a young lad but it sounds like I would not be able to afford a sugar shack!

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