CNE Closed This Year

CNE Princess Gates 2015
CNE Princess Gates 2015 (photo by Bruce Christie)

The CNE is closed this year – as are many other events and businesses during the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic. The CNE has been in operation for well over 100-years and is one of the largest fairs in North America. While the fair only runs for a few weeks, in late summer, many will miss the rides, junk food and other events such as the annual Air Show.

CNE Food Building (photo by Bruce Christie 2015)

The Food Building is a popular destination for those that are hungry but it’s not what it used to be from a cost perspective. In years past, the Food Building was a means for a business to promote their product. When we were kids, we were able to buy a Pepsi for a penny and get a bowl of past for 10 cents. Over the years, the City of Toronto has hiked up lease costs so much that you can’t find a meal for under $15. Gone are the days of giving businesses a break.

CNE Air Show
CNE Air Show (photo by Bruce Christie 2018)

One of the major attractions of the CNE is the Air Show. But since the CNE is closed this year, so too is the Air Show. The Air Show features various flying machines from past to present.

Snowbirds in Formation

One of the most popular acts are Canada’s own Snowbirds. Earlier this year, one of the Snowbird jets had a tragic accident during takeoff where one of the pilots ejected but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. Extensive safety checks have been taking place, over the summer, and signs are that the Snowbirds will fly again.

CNE Midway (photo by Bruce Christie 2016)

Let’s hope the City of Toronto doesn’t close down the CNE for good! City Council has been making more and more asinine decisions over the years and hopefully they will salvage this very important Toronto institution!

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