The Wexford Restaurant Closes

Wexford Restaurant

After 62 years, The Wexford Restaurant closes its doors. Founded in 1958 by Jerry Kiriakou and his sons Tommy and Tony, who arrived only several years earlier from a small town in Macedonia called Banista (a.k.a. Vevi Greece).

Atmosphere of Wexford Restaurant

Steve and George

The Wexford was known for its atmosphere. Best place to sit was in the main section at the counter which had the traditional stools. That was the area where the “regulars” would go to, not only eat, but to have heated conversations about the Leafs or what was going on in Toronto politics,

I was lucky enough to work close-by in the later years of The Wexford and always enjoyed my visits there. Open and frank conversation was the norm for the place. That was one of the main why many flocked here! There aren’t too many places in Toronto left like this. Now it’s just in ‘n out without the personal interaction places like The Wexford gave to us.

Behind Counter Decor

Many of us went to The Wexford since our childhood. My Dad would take me there sometimes and was friends (and related) to the Kiriakou family. My Dad was friends with Tommy who unfortunately passed away several years ago. My fave dish were the chips & gravy at that time. We called fries “chips” back in the day. I always made it a point to talk with Tommy through the years. He was a wonderful and kind man. In my visits in later years, Tommy would always make a priority to make me feel like a part of the family.


Many of us will miss The Wexford Restaurant – I certainly will! Small businesses are becoming extinct. Small businesses brought us together and The Wexford just did that!

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