Some Tips on Timelapse Photography

Timelapse Photography

(Timelapse Photography Techniques)

Timelapse Photography is a means of shooting multiple frames at frequencies lesser than the rate a normal movie or video is filmed. Since the framers per second are taken at a much slower rate, motion in the video appears to be much faster.

The function of Time-Lapse is on virtually all cameras these days, but you will need to adhere by certain camera settings and you must have a sturdy tripod. Here are some tips and suggestions you will need to do some time-lapse shots of your own.

Settings and Equipment Required

Timelapse Photography Camera Settings
Timelapse Photography Camera Settings


Here is what you will need to know how to accomplish time-lapse photography. The camera above does not have these functions unfortunately. You will require a camera which has such functionality.


  1. A camera with the time-lapse photography option
  2. You will need a sturdy tripod! (not a cheap one)

Camera Settings

Here are some things to keep in mind setting up your camera:

  • Camera Focus – before starting your multiple shots, be sure to focus and then turn off auto focus mode on your lens
  • Within time-lapse setting, adjust number of frames per second (one frame will be slower, 25 seconds will be extremely fast).
  • Keep in mind the camera is on a tripod during this event (a sturdy tripod)
  • Adjust camera settings appropriately (as if you were taking a normal shot)
  • Adjust duration of time-lapse (one-hour at 1 shot per second equates to a one-minute video)
  • Begin shooting on the desired frame speed and duration (go and make a cup of tea and phone your Mum!)

That is pretty much you will need to do when shooting time-lapse but keep in mind changing lighting conditions and inclement weather. You don’t want your equipment rained upon or blown away in a storm!

Have fun with time-lapse photography. If you have any questions, please comment on this blog!

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